An ancient myth is happening right now —
changing all who discover it.

Mayan Interface
by Wim Coleman & Pat Perrin

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Near the end of the Terminal Classic Mayan period, a high priest commits a murder where a sacrifice is needed. The consequences of his deed will reach across worlds and ages.

In our own time, Lydia Rosenstrom is a master translator working with an archeological team in Yucatán and on a virtual reality simulation of the ancient site. She is drawn into a dangerous convergence of realities.

This tightly-woven tale blends mysticism, technology, archaeology, and authentic Mayan history. This is not a saga about supposed prophecies of the end of the world! it is instead an engrossing story of challenges, consciousness change, and transformation.
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Silver Medal
for Adventure Fiction
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4 mystery glyphs

Four roughly carved glyphs hold the key to a mysterious and deadly reality. Can Lydia translate the strange symbols fast enough to prevent more deaths — including her own?

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Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin are the authors of The Jamais Vu Papers, an eccentric novel that has maintained a following for over two decades and has won awards for visionary fiction. They also wrote the popular thriller Terminal Games (U.S. and five foreign editions), and several highly-praised novels for young readers.

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Researching the Maya, Wim Coleman and Pat PerrnMayan stone arch, Eye of the Macaw

When we started working on this story, we visited the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, talked with people there, and took lots of pictures. (We also read every authoritative book we could get our hands on and attended a workshop on glyphs.) At right is the huge stone arch at
Kabah, a monumental gateway to the past — much like the one that Lydia gazes at and wonders, "Where will this gateway lead me?"


chac sculptures, Eye of the Macaw

"They’re Chac masks. Images of the rain god, but they look like monsters to me." … "Monsters, yes. But not as in our monster movies. These are `monstrous’ in the sense of being marvelous, extraordinary, supremely powerful." (Photo from Kabah, quote from Mayan Interface.)


Uxmal, similar to Eye of the Macaw

"Caan sees a ruined city, empty of human souls. Many of the temples and palaces are crumbling and half-consumed by the encroaching, low-lying jungle. Some have been reduced to piles of rubble as serpentine vines tug and pull at loose boulders and stones." (Photo from Uxmal, quote from Mayan Interface.)

Xocen straw hut, Eye of the Macaw

"Like most of the other houses in the village, Lydia's hut consisted of one room with a clay floor and walls made from straight, slender tree-trunk poles with flexible branches woven through them like a giant basket." (Photo from the village of Xocen, quote from Mayan Interface.)




A visionary fiction thriller by Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin. The virtual-reality reconstruction of an ancient Mayan site leads to death in a Portland, Oregon, museum. A transformation of consciousness for those bold enough to explore an alternate reality and wise enough to survive. Topics include: archeology, bicameral mind, Chac, consciousness, glyph translation, Julian Jaynes, Maya hmen, Mayan calendar, Mayan glyphs, Mayan history, Mayan mythology, Mayan prophecy, Mayan storytelling, murals, mysticism, Portland, pyramid temple, shamanism, stela, storytelling, uay, virtual reality, world tree, Yucatan, Yucatec Maya.